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This is a  site where you are CELEBRATED for who you are; wherever you are on your journey, you are in the right place! Together we are strong and raise each other up in a way we all can succeed! It's never too late to start changing behaviours and habits to create a fulfilled life full of LOVE, LAUGHTER, and YOUR WILDEST DREAMS... here you will learn about some of mine! Including hide tanning, energy healing, backyard medicinal plants and how to use them, sustainability skills made easy, Children and Parenting tips and tricks and whatever other random thing comes along next in this Maggie's Way Adventure! Enjoy the space!!

Maggie =)



Here at Maggie's Way we always have your best interests at heart. The Journey to creating Maggie's Way has been one that started many years ago, however it truly began a little over 4 years ago. I was browsing Bluestone Magik in Mahone Bay, and happened to spy some moccasins. After biting the bullet and purchasing them, I decided it was something I thought I could make. So so began the many hours of youtube videos, and google searching, until I made enough notes on the process that I was ready to start the hands on learning... What started with a road kill deer hide turned into multiple donations of hides from the community, allowing me to explore the process with ease as I worked through the trial and error of tools and equipment and differences in skins.

Fast forward 3 years , I have gotten experience with Deer, Cow, and Rabbits. I took a little break in there to be a surrogate, but when I got back at it, in August 2022 I was met with an opportunity. I was asked to put on a workshop that taught others how to learn the skill I had taken the last few years working through to learn. It was exactly what I had been waiting for and so began the planning of gathering all the items and information needed to successfully teach others in 8 hours, what typically takes a week - 10 days. It was exciting and also a little bit of an under taking but I knew that it would be worth it and I was ready. 

January this year (2023) I am happy to say I put on my first weekend of workshops at Ross Farm Museum! I ran three separate day classes where we walked through the process start to finish from taking the hide off the deer to smoking the final product to have a workable material, called buckskin. Putting on other workshops since then one in February, April and June of this year. The reviews have been everyone leaves happy, more informed and ready to use the new skill they have learned in a practical way. 

Now being known around the area for tanning hides, I got a call one day from a neighbour. A bear had been tormenting their cows and they had shot it. But the nephew couldn't come skin the bear however they knew I was in the industry. Never having the opportunity to skin a Bear I of course said I will be there soon! .. I quickly rearranged the plan I had that morning, got my gear, and headed across the road. After three hours, I had successfully gotten the hide off the animal and also collected two 5 gallon buckets full of bear fat to render down and make cream!

I have been making my own soaps and lotions for the last 6 years and I had done the research. Bear lard was an amazing ingredient to use in homemade pain remedies, cooking, leather work, and much more. I knew it was one of the most hydrating forms of fat and had been itching to work with it for about 2 years before this moment. After rendering the fat and creating this super healing oil, I decided the first project will be for my friend's son who has eczema. She had tried everything in the stores as most people do, but nothing was working well. So I put together some bear lard, some butters and another helpful oil for skin, added some beeswax and that is how the Bear Lard lotion came to be. 

From there we have grown even in the last six months with new products and a bit of a new look! We have the Bear Lotion in 4 different sizes, Bear Beard Oil, Bear Bug Balm, a Bear Hair Serum and some chemical free perfumes. There will be more to come soon, as the lard is just used for everything! We now attend wellness fairs and Farm Markets with the products as well as sell online and we can only hope to grow into more all the time !

Have a Beary Great time exploring the site! Thank for reading about us! =) 

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