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Coming UP at Maggie's Way!

Hello All!!

Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know what is in the works here at Maggie's Way!

Upcoming Events:

Black Bear Workshop: February 17th at Lunenburg Holistic Healing Centre 10:00am - 2:00pm

~ We will talk about Black bears. Their fat and why it's so nutrient rich, what it's uses are and make one product together that day. Leaving with a lip balm and understanding the black bear more then when you arrived. These animals are incredible so enjoy the morning all about them!

Trappers Convention - February 29th - March 2nd

I will have a table set up all weekend as well as be given an opportunity as a guest speaker to talk about hide tanning and it's process. Answering any questions that anyone might have

in the process.

Hide Tanning for Children - April 6th, 2024

at Lunenburg Holistic Healing Centre

Today is all about passing this skill on to children and giving them a hands on opportunity to get up close with some wild animal hides and learn the very basics of tanning a hide. I have Early Childhood Education and have taken that learning and applied it to this process of Hide Tanning to create a developmentally appropriate fun program to peak the interest of the younger generation!

Hide Tanning Weekend Workshop! April 13th, 2024

at the Holistic Healing Centre in Lunenburg

For adults, this two day workshop is going to to be full of connecting to nature and these animals through the process of turning deer hide into useable material for whatever you would like. Going over the process and sending you home with half of a hide of usable leather!

There is more in the works but hopefully you can join me a long the way for one of these wonderful events and we can enjoy the process and connection to nature in working with these beautiful hides.

Have a wonderful day/night!

Talk soon!


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