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Maggie's Way started as a leather hide-tanning company and, as part of my dedication to harnessing everything from each animal I process, I came upon the extraordinary benefits of bear oil.   Using medicinal plants we have foraged along with bear oil, we have created a natural skin-care collection that embodies the essence of beauty, nourishment, and radiant well-being.  Check out our popular Nature's Shield™ Bug Repellent and Nature's Radiance™ skin cream specially formulated with Bear Oil and Saint John's Wort to hydrate your skin. 

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Everyone wants to live a healthy life, but there is no clear cut path to get there. That’s where Maggie's Way comes in, helping you feel your best and live the full, rich life you deserve. 

I have personally been living as chemical free as possible the last 5 years and I know for me it was overwhelming!! You learn about all the things in everything and you can barely walk through a store because you have no idea what to even buy!  So I started by making my own soap for washing, which turned into liquid laundry soap which turned into lotions for sun burns and bug bites and magic ice cubes for the kids made form jewelweed... which lead into the home remedies and hide tanning that has been such a large part of my life the last few years. 


I have gathered my own resource of knowledge, learning all I can about the environment around us and how we can use it's plants and it's energies to heal. Many of my beauty and skin care products contain plant material I've foraged myself.


Being given the gift of working with bear oil as a source of natural healing and super skin hydration has been just part of the way I am able to access resources and help you on your journey in whatever way I can.

Through my natural product, spiritual and educational experiences we can grow together, empower each other and embrace the power that lies within each one of you!



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